Christening The Damned

from by Loathe



A lifetime of panic
The sharpest edge of pain
How fragile are the boundaries between us and the insane?

Chorus 1

What used to be the obvious
Has now become for me the hardest thing in life

keep pushing further
For how much longer?

Triggers cut like razor blades
Sending chills straight to my brain
That sick familiar feeling
That I came to know so well

So you see…I've never lived the life of a simple man
Your life...Which isn't drenched in fear

Chorus 2

Everyday I'm haunted
Every fucking single hour of my life
Too mauled to feel your sanctity
These blessings are just like christening the damned

I must push forward
keep going onward

Believe me there are certain things you wouldn't want to know
The doors that you open will remain...Forever

I am in Hell

Chorus 3

It's now almost over
For all those fucking years I spent in misery
please wash away these demons from my mind
This is the one last time you owe it all to me

Keep pushing further
For how much longer?


from Wolves In The Fold, released September 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Loathe malta

This is Loathe, Malta's premier metal band. Formed in 2001, Loathe has gone from strength to strength with every release, culminating in 2009's album 'Despondent By Design'. In 2013, Loathe released an EP called 'Lambs To The Slaughter' featuring the band's heaviest material to date. Loathe has toured the UK and shared stages with bands such as Evile, Detonation, SLAB, Morgue Orgy and Sabbat. ... more

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